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Calligraphy Fantasia

Calligraphy Fantasia
Artistic Director/Choreographer : Miranda Chin
Music Director/Composer : Law Wing-fai
Premiere: 27 April 1996
Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall (HK)
No. of Performers: 10 (dancers); 6 (live musicians)
Duration: 75 mins

With Chinese calligraphy as the theme of creation, the work adopts the basic elements of body rhythm techniques and Laban Movement to portray the stylistic movements of calligraphic strokes. Incorporating the texture of modern music composition and the idea of contemporary
graphic design, this production is multi-media Chinese modern dance of movement, music and visual arts. From the Year of Inscriptions on Bones and Tortois Shells to the Age of Computer Science, from the Kingdom of Eight Diagrams to Electronic World, the show will capture the
beauty of different calligraphy styles while unfolding the evolution of Chinese Calligraphy: Seal Script… Clerical Script… Regular Script… Running Script… Cursive Script… Modern Calligraphy…

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