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Four Seasons

Artistic Director/Choreographer : Miranda Chin
Composer: Ambrose Law
Premiere: 19-20 November 1990
Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall (HK)
No. of Performers: 4 (dancers); 1 (narrator); 1 (live painter)
Duration: 75mins


By using the idea of flower arrangement, as a root of creation, the continuity of the four seasons, which also symbolizes human life, is thus crystallized by the body movement of the Dancers. Eventually, the dance merges with nature and so as the Dancers. This Dance is a coalition of various art forms, including sculpture, painting, costumes, hair style and body alignment with various spacing, together with poem reciting, and modern music. It should be named a multi-media performance. The program included: “Spring water”, “Summer lotus”, “Autumn leaves” and “Winter snow”.

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