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Dun Huang

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Miranda Chin
Composer: Ambrose Law
Premiere: 10-11 August 1996
Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall (HK)
No. of Performers: 11
Duration: 75mins


Back to the Past through Dunhuang murals and clay figures
Dance of fin de siècle The path Back to the Future Dun Huang, a Multi-disciplinary production of classic and modern dance, music and visual arts. This production features the decay of Dun Huang wall art and mankind over time. The inspiration comes from the weathering and erosion of the once glamorous art from the walls in Dun Huang. Abstract and minimalist dance movements are developed from the characteristic breathing and movement techniques of Chinese Dun Huang Dance.

Shinning - Hand and Buddha
                - Hand and Eye Movement
Breath    - Breathing Techniques of Dun Huang Dance
Goddess - Postures from Dun Huang Dance
Tempo    - Music and Dance from Dun Huang
Force      - Storm from Dun Huang
Decay     - Future of Dun Huang

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