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Founded in 1989, the Miranda Chin Dance Company is delicated to promoting Chinese dance. Its vitality lies both in creativity and endeavours at opening up new horizons by blending the essence of Eastern and Western dance, aspiring to reflect in modern dance the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture. Recent credits include Inovative Chinese Rhythms & Movements, Calligraphy Fantasia, Four Seasons and Chinese Martial Arts Dance which received high acclaim. The Company has been invited to present productions in various arts festivals held in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and China.

Since 2001, the dance company has launched a series of Chinese cultural modern dance of "Martial Arts & Tai Chi". 

Most dancers of the Company are graduated of the School of Dance of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the outstanding students of Danceland. To enhance the performance standard of the Company, experts from the mainland and overseas countries are invited to join as guest choreographers.

International Cultural Exchange
Past Productions
Dance Education Promotion
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