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Chinese Martial Arts Dance Series: Episode III

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Miranda Chin
Premiere: 7 November 2003
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HK)
No. of Performers: 13-21
Duration: 75mins


“The Tai Chi Chant resonates, moves and envelopes mountains and river” Tai Chi, the outwardly gentle and practical exercise, harbors great potential for attack and
aggressiveness. The Tai Chi chant is filled with poetic paintings capable of great beauty. In it lies the image that pervades tonight’s creative performance. Through traditional Tai Chi and swordplay workshops, the dancers have imbibed the essence of this art form. Through them,
they have reinterpreted its meaning. Wang Zhiyuan provided a catalyst to free the space between martial arts and Tai Chi, opening up and fusing them into the realm of dance. We hope that this performance will stimulate and promote the culture of Tai Chi, taking it to another phase. We also pray for world peace and health.

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