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Chinese Martial Arts Dance Series: Episode II

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Miranda Chin
Music Director/Composer: Chan Ming-chi
Premiere: 11-12 October 2002
Theatre, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre (HK)
No. of Performers: 14
Duration: 75mins


“A combination of magic, martial arts and Tai Chi; variations in attack and defense; shuttling and intersecting; reciprocity between Yin and Yang” Featuring dance, Chinese martial arts, music and visual arts, this production explores human
communication. For this production, Chin, went all the way to the Qing Cheng Mountain of Sichuan in China to study the philosophy of “magic” and “Tao”, in the hope that a the elements of “magic, martial arts and Tai Chi” and “attack, defense and change” can be best used in interaction and creation. Contradictions, substance and nothingness, life and death, and success and failure.

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