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The Rite of Spring

Artistic Director / Choreographer   :     Miranda Chin
Composer :    Igor Stravinsky
Premiere   :    November 30, 2013,  Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
No. of Performers :  18
* Running time of performance is around 40 minutes. 

The Rite of Sprint – 100: Heaven, Earth, Man (2013) is a development from the work created in 2002. The work made use of the renowned music of Stravinsky to explore the Chinese tradition of Wu (magic).


The changeable Wu, a communication medium for Heaven, Earth and Human Beings, is the origin of all dancers. In ancient society, Wu dominated the whole world and nature can be used to avert calamities and bring blessings.


As time changes, the battles between snakes and birds awoke the wisdom of Tai Chi. Then, humans started to find mastery over heaven, earth and man, and to fathom the virtual and the real. Wu tried to transfer the wisdom to the world and to communicate with humans. However, humans ignored all the ways to communicate with Wu. Wu, lonely and heart-broken, went to her death. Would this sad story be able to awake the need of getting a balance when choosing a new form of communication?

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