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Fighting the COVID-19  Dancing with the World


Move every day   Enhance immunity   Maintain physical and mental health


On Behalf of the the Global Foundation for Community Health and the Miranda Chin Dance Company, The global recognized Brain Breaks® web-based physical activity program with hundreds of 3-5 minute educational shorts and inspire kids to take action in creating a better world for themselves and others to every family in Hong Kong for Free.


The content focuses on Social-emotional learning, nutrition, health, art, sports skills, music, environmental, and career education in multiple languages. Additionally, The unique power of Brain Breaks® functionality from the beginning is that no two communities are alike allowing communities to develop local resources on the platform aligned with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WCWCC) framework developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Please sign up the below address:

Brain Breaks®

1.)   Five-Animal Dance (Chinese medicine + health + contemporary dance)
       Evolving from the Miranda Chin Dance Company’s Taichi Martial Art Dance Series, this creation is inspired by the famous Chinese ancient                   Doctor Wah Tor’s healthy exercise – the Five- Animal games. The movements in this dance series are good for the most important five internal         organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney). This is an art dance of Chinese culture with medical treatment features.

2.)   Tai Chi Dance (Chinese philosophy + body mind harmony + contemporary dance)
       Basing on the Miranda Chin Dance Company Tai Chi Martial Art Dance Series, the creation is inspired by the Yin Yang Tai Chi symbol while “Chi”         is the source of life. With which, the fish swimming image and moving in the shape of circle and “S” represents continue moving and changing         in the universal.

Below is an example of how the platform provides resources unique to Hong Kong versus India.


We are reaching out to every resource that supports the promotion of active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles and behaviors in the home. We hope you can help promote this valuable resource for families currently at home.

Below is a simple link families can follow to signup. 

Brain Breaks®

I’ve also attached a link to our gofundme page as the Foundation is self funded and operating on a limited budget.

Happy to discuss any questions and hope you can get the word out in your country.

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