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World Tour 2018 Korea
The Highest State of Good - Water

 1. 20 Oct 2018, 3-4pm @ Seoul Cultural Centre (Performance)
20 Oct 2018, 4-5pm @ Seoul Cultural Centre (Workshop)
21 Oct 2018, 2-5pm @ Seoul Plaza (Performance)

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About the Company
Founded in 1989, Miranda Chin Dance Company is dedicated to promoting Chinese Culture in Modern dance. Its vitality lies both in creativity and endeavours at opening up new horizons by blending the essence of Eastern and Western dance, aspiring to reflect in modern dance the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture. Recent credits include Innovative Chinese Rhythms & Movements, Calligraphy Fantasia, Four Seasons and Chinese Martial Arts Dance which received high acclaim. The Company has been invited to present productions in various arts festivals held in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Montreal Canada and Thailand.


Dr. CHIN Sau Lin, Miranda/ Artistic Director

Since 1970s, Miranda Chin has engaged in more than 100 pieces of dance works, serving as dancer, choreographer and coordinator. Chin obtained her Doctorate degree in Business Administration upon graduation from Newport University of the United States. She was a senior Visiting Scholar at the Beijing Sport University. In 2015, Chin graduated with honor in Master of Fine Arts in Dance at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her subsequent productions, built upon the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture and known for their originality, smoothly blend the essence of Eastern and Western dances. She has won numerous awards including Princess Chang Ping, Innovative Chinese Rhythms & Movements, Four Seasons and Calligraphy Fantasia. Chin has choreographed Nu Wo, Pink Lady Pan Jinlian and Homeland for the Hong Kong Dance Company and has been invited to be choreographer in many films, television and theatrical productions. Chin won the Dancer of the Year Award from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1989. She was listed in the Who’s Who of Contemporary Achievement and received the World Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Biographical Institute. She also received the Twentieth Century Award for Achievement from the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In 2001, Chin was listed as a modern dance choreographer of the first generation in Hong Kong by a book entitled Dance History of Hong Kong. In 2010, with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Chin wrote a book to share with readers the process and experience of her exploration, realization and experimentation during the creation of the dances for Wuji in 2001-2008. Also, Chin gave touring lectures at the Universities in Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan where she shared her creative experiences and findings.


Artistic Director/ Choreography  :  Miranda Chin Sau Lin
Music Director :  Chan Ming Chi                          
Movement Explorers/Dancers  :  Lam Yan Tin, Au Ka Mei, Chan Mei Kuen, Cheung Tsz Yan,  
                                                         Iu Ka Man, Sun Fung Chi, Wong Lai Hung, Chan Ka Ki

Lighting Designer :  Chan Pui Yee 

Title        : Tai Chi Movement and Experience (Wisdom of Life)
Content  : Showing the "Dancing with Water - The Way to Discern the Wisdom of Life" through  the circle and                     breath of Tai Chi in order to experience life.


The Highest State of Good – Water (Dancing with Water - The Way to Discern the Wisdom of Life)

The dance work bases its main line of creative development

on the observation “the highest stateof good resembles

water” in Lao Zi’s Daodejing – the most supreme of Chinese

classics. It shows how water is the source of life through

elements of Taichi and Laban dynamic rhythms. Water has

a beneficent and non-contentious disposition which comes

from nature itself. The highest state of good hence uses

water to exemplify the way, which constitutes a higher level

of symbolism.

The Highest State of Good – Water consists of five movements:

- “The origin of water”: the image of water is suggested using

   dots and lines, plus various sound effects coupled with

   sheer curtain multi-media projections;

- “The change of water”: a change in tempo for the various

   sections, while integrating orchestral music and dance,

   coupled with sheer curtain multi-media projections;

- “The rhyme of water”: the integration of orchestral music,

    dance and human voices;

- “The force of water”: the integration of orchestral music, dance and human voices, coupled with sheer curtain multi-media     projections.

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The project is “supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau,

the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”.


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