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錢秀蓮博士連續第三年(2015, 2016及2017)獲香港藝術發展局贊助,參與韓國藝術博覽會,並代表香港介紹香港文化的舞蹈團體之一。


Under the support of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Arts Management Service has been hosting PAMS(Performing Arts Market in Seoul) every October.

The primary objects of PAMS are revitalization of rational distribution and exportation to oversea markets for Korean performing arts that based on diversified orientation and creation. Through the diverse programs of PAMS as showcases of selected performing arts, booth exhibitions for the promotion of art works and artistic groups, varied symposium and networking programs, all the performing arts experts are able to share the information of field and global trends for encouragement of creation and provision of performing arts. Not only complacent as distributive channel of polished art works, also PAMS desires to expand boundary of creation and distribution by offering inspiration for cooperation through intensive communication. PAMS suggests a solid vision as the representative contemporary performing art markets of Asia. On this occasion, performing artists share their expertise, experiences and their innovative idea for original inspiration. By doing so, PAMS is ambitious to be a venue of networking for market extension and audience development. 

Official Website: PAMS 2017